Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Return to Lost Cove Cave

This is a repeat performance of the trip we took last year to Lost Cove Cave in the greater South Cumberland State Park area. We were once again lead by our trusty guide, Park Ranger Greer. We brought a different batch of friends with us this time around and the turn-out was much larger than last year. This year there is a minor $3 per person charge to support South Cumberland and to buy things like hard hats for cave tours. Next year the charge is expected to rise to $5 a person and then stabilize. The cave will close for the season on October 31st to allow the native bats some undisturbed hibernation.

Gathering at the trail junction before heading down

Ether, pre-cave

Looking up above the entrance

Ranger Greer, teaching the neophytes about cave maps

"And this little girl, this is where the dragon lives"

Poop! Poop and fungus!

Ether, post-cave

At the end for "roses, thorns and buds"

A red eft, oddly enough like we saw last year

Last year Esther janked up her ankle on this same creek bridge before we even got to the cave. She continued on the trail, hiked a mile in the cave and the 2 miles out on this injured ankle. This was her "the bridge didn't kill me this year" moment on the way back out.


All the pictures are here.