Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28th. 2012 - Back in the Woods

Just another hike back to the cliffs again in our very own woods. Nothing too exciting. I did see some strange wildlife...

But that was about it. Took a few more shots of the stuff growing in the cliffs and a few of the creek. The rain has the creek up now and we hope to get over to a local waterfall tomorrow, so more on that when we get back.

A funny thing did happen with Jessie on our way back through the pasture. Jessie found a patch of dirt were a fire ant mound had once been and started digging. This must have been the best smelling patch of ground she's seen all week. Once she got a nice hole of sufficient depth she stuck her head in the ground and put her nose right against the dirt and just started breathing long and hard, snorting up the scents of the earth.

Much snuffling and snorting.

Dirt. So good.
She went on like this for a while, digging then inhaling the smell of the dirt. It looked to be part communion, part therapy, part pure animal joy.


Pics from the hike, including a video of Jessie, are here.

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