Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27, 2012 - Rattlesnake Saloon

Esther and I both had the misfortune this year of our birthdays landing in the middle of the week so today was the unofficial unbirthday lunch to celebrate the birth of baby Esther, She of the Hazel Eyes, who was raised by wolves until I found her and tried in vain to tame her.

The where: Rattlesnake Saloon located near Tuscumbia, Al. Described as a "watering hole under the rock" Rattlesnake Saloon is a family-friendly establishment open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11Am to 10PM (Sunday, April through September from 11AM to 3PM). 

Lunch starts with a rumbling ride downhill in the "saloon taxi" from the parking area to the saloon itself. 

From around the curve the saloon comes into view, nestled under a shelter cave.

Seating is available on three different levels- the upper rim, the main dining area and the lower deck (not pictured).

Food is of the burger/chicken/sandwich/fries variety and prices are somewhere between fast food and dine-in generica. Appetizers are every known vegetable to man batter-fried, including pickles, green beans and jalapeno peppers.

No modern burger place would be complete without the "glutonous plate of food that we will give you for free if you shovel it down your pie hole" option. My health insurance premiums went up just reading the description.  

Honestly, I can't complain about the food. I had a "Duke", a monster burger with fried jalapeno peppers (AKA "Snake Eyes") and bacon and it was a beast of a meal. We ate at around noon and I was still quite full when we went out for frozen yogurt around 6PM. Esther had a mixed experience with her "Buckaroo" sandwich due to stale bread.  

Our server, Jessica, was very patient with juggling multiple kid orders across four different tickets and very responsive and friendly. The atmosphere was unique and keeping in mind that you are eating outside, everything was clean and tidy. I'd be interested to see what the crowds are like after 5PM (when they serve alcohol) with a band playing on the stage. With the right folks this would be a great place have a gig.

A few more pictures of the day can be found by clicking here.

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