Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 24 & 25 - Canoeing Grundy Lake and Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, MUSHROOM, MUSHROOM

Some of us got up (EARLY. SO SORE.) for a canoe paddle around Grundy Lake with Park. Halfway through the circle around the water we combined our powers and formed CAPTAIN PLANET... Or maybe just three canoes held together with our hands. If you squint just right, it looks like Voltron, I swear.

Everybody took me over to where a couple of days before the kids had been let loose with implements of destruction to clear a trail. WOW. It was like a swarm of bramble-eating locust had been fired from a shotgun. The trail was wide and luxurious. I was truly impressed with the work the kids had done and the hours that they put into it. We found a plant that Park couldn't identify and that resulted in a "phone-a-friend" moment with fellow Ranger Katie Gray and the name of the moss.

Turkey foot moss

Dragonfly on the trail

After the canoeing and the short hike we said goodbye to the other three families that left for one reason or another. The five of us returned to Foster Falls, swam and explored the creek a little.

The next day we met up with Park one last time to go mushroom hunting at the trail right next to the visitor center. What follows are pictures of mushrooms and plants that I cannot identify. 

If these aren't poisonous, they should be

There are a few more pictures from both days RIGHT HERE and also OVER HERE.

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