Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11 and 12, 2013 - More Fish Pictures, the Trip Winds Down, Flying Home

Esther and I have this problem when it comes to taking pictures whenever we go out: she's taking her shot and I'm right next to her, two feet away, taking the same shot. That works out generally most of the time because she posts her pictures in one place and I post my pictures in another. The people that suffer the most are our mutual friends and family that have to scroll through duplicate Facebook postings of first her accounting of the trip and then mine. The fact that we only had the one underwater camera for this trip has doubled the problem because while we passed it back and forth during snorkeling, now everybody is seeing the exact same pictures twice. All the underwater shots have been lumped into a sort of shared resource because for the most part we can't remember who took what- unless one or the other of us is in the shot.

We did more today than what I'm posting here. We had yet another incredible meal with Jacki and Phil and Esther posted the one picture of the four of us (me holding Esther in a "death grip"). Before that Jacki took Esther shopping for dresses while Phil and I hung out at the condo and discussed manly things.

Now I'm typing this over two weeks later and I'm missing the island and I'm missing the time that Esther and I spent alone (longest in recorded history) and I'm missing Jacki and Phil and I'm missing just not being at work every day and not dealing with all the stuff.

My point is this- here are some great pics that we took in the morning and here are some quick shots on the flight home, but so much happened that I didn't get a picture of. But- these are mostly the shots that I did get and here they are.


The Gamma

Parrot fish

Florida Keys

Huntsville, Al

All the pics from the 11th are here, all from the 12th right here.

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