Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 15, 2014 - Tom Bevill Trail, Guntersville

Today Esther and I finally got around to hiking the Tom Bevill Trail, in its entirety for the first time. We tacked on some "bonus" mileage by pure accident and I am not to blame at all. AT ALL.*

We encountered many small animals that attempted to steal my woman from me. The first of which was this Eastern Fence Lizard that puffed up its sexy blue throat bladder and did push-ups. All very impressive, Eastern Fence Lizard. Show off.

Here Esther takes a picture of one of the many hikers that passed away while hiking the trail. She made me take this picture. I'm just kidding of course, this is one of the many markers at the King's Chapel Cemetery. I've just learned that this cemetery has it's own Facebook page. Sure, of course it does. And they wonder why more young persons are leaving the Facebook... Nothing makes the young folk leave in droves like some pictures of (non-goth) headstones.

Run in fear and boredom, young peoples

The western part of the trail, the side that directly faces the lake, is still recovering from the tornadoes of April 2011. Thankfully the trail is now completely clear for hiking, but the views toward the lake are a reminder of the power and lasting effects of our Spring storms. 

While Esther flirted with an obviously married man** (he did not even have to do push-ups), she spotted an eagle! Sadly neither of us got our cameras up fast enough, but this much slower moving eagles nest was not so lucky.

We managed to find six geocaches along the trail, which might sound kind of impressive if I don't tell you that there are no less than thirty placed all along the trail from start to finish. Three of the six we found I wasn't even looking for. There's one in the picture below. Can you see it? Hint: it's green. Another hint: it's hidden. Still yet another hint: it's under a rock.

Pics from the day: here
Tracklog of the hike: here

*There is a slight chance that I am totally to blame.
**Of course she didn't.

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