Friday, September 5, 2014

September 5, 2014 - LST 325

On Friday we drove over to Ingalls Harbor in Decatur to tour the LST 325, the "last of its kind". The LST (Landing Ship, Tank) 325 (production was so high during WWII that they didn't give the ships proper names) participated in several operations overseas, the most notable being the D-Day at Omaha Beach, Normandy. There's a wealth of information available online about the ship and I'm going to opt out of re-typing the tour guide brochure, but I will include two links: LST Memorial 325, the "official" site of the memorial when it's docked at home in Evansville, IN and the Wikipedia entry for LST 325.

Port side, with bow cargo doors open

Just inside the cargo doors

Equipment and gear displayed on the starboard side of the hold

This was an unexpected bonus. What you're seeing here is a diorama of The Battle of Peleliu, recreated out of Lego, made possible by Brickmania. I managed to find a little more information about the model on this website.

Main engine piston. Yikes.

Looking towards the doors from the back of the hold

The galley

Post office

One of the four single 40mm gun mounts

The bridge

From 1964 - 1999 the ship was part of the Greek Navy

On the deck looking aft

One of the "smaller" single 20mm guns

Close-up of the blade of one of the props displayed on the deck

Restored Navy truck (vehicle?)

Crew quarters - she held 104 enlisted men

Another shot of the bow cargo doors

We've been doing another round of house-sitting for friends that are out of town- always a relaxing change of pace. One of responsibilities is looking after their chickens, including two young chicks. The chicks have developed legitimate feathers during our stay.

One of two three cats

Might be a returned lost cat... might be a doppleganger

All the pictures from Friday are found right here.

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