Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Farewell

I've been trying to come with a way to type this out that wasn't brief and impersonal but that also didn't dredge up the totality of my sadness. The fact is the pictures that I took of our sweet puppy Kaiju in the last posting are the last that I'll ever be able to take. Days after that hike she became sick and was lost to us soon afterwards. Not to be over dramatic or to draw forth sympathy, but every animal we've seen go to the clearing at the end of the path I've viewed as some degree of a personal failure to that soul. Kaiju is forever the puppy that she was and will never be the dog that she could have been. Our little duck hunter dog (an irony in this household of bleeding-heart hippies) never saw, never smelled a real duck. She had just started to get over her fear of water, but had never really swam. My only hope is that somehow, somewhere she's running with our Zephyr and all the other dogs that have lived and died on this farm throughout the years.

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