Friday, May 29, 2015

Gratuitous Kayak Beavers and Tour of Curse Inc.

We have discovered kayaks. We've been in canoes plenty of times over the years but I've always wanted to give kayaks a try. Oddly enough I don't have any pictures of me kayaking around, shirtless, like an Amazonian river guide (those are on Esther's blog) but I do have a few of Ben and Chan in the water. The kayaks were by virtue of friends that had borrowed them from yet other friends and brought them along to hang out at a little known campground on Smith Lake.

Right next to the campsite we were visiting were these two little (think large Guinea Pig) beavers that were incredibly oblivious to us standing only a few feet away. They were so unafraid of us that it makes me cringe imagining that somebody will someday take advantage of them in some horrible way. I sat in the grass for maybe half an hour watching one of them that had come up on land to munch on sorrel. I was probably two feet away from the little dude the whole time.  

Mid way through May, by virtue of the same friends, we joined in on a tour of Curse Inc., a native Huntsville company known for several game wiki sites, custom downloads, and their flagship product, Curse Voice. If you can't tell from the pictures below, this place looks like a cubicle drone's dream come true. They have a GAME ROOM with every console imaginable. The offices were full of all the limited edition, pre-order bonus versions of games. Swag. Such swag. A dragon's horde of swag. 

Green screen room? Sure, why not.

Kids, learn to code. Like right now. For really realz.

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