Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Couple of Day Hikes

Back in September of last year we made a couple of quick day hikes to Cave Mountain in Union Grove/Guntersville and near Greeter Falls and Rock Island in Tennessee.

Cave Mountain Small Wild Area is managed by the TVA on land near the Guntersville Dam. The "cave" itself is actually an old Civil War saltpeter mine and not a naturally occurring cave. 

Esther finding "may-pops" passion fruit

Chinese lanterns

The cave

Tupelo gum trees

Indigo milky (edible)

Coral fungus

Cauliflower fungus (edible)

Crab spider

Jewel weed "natures poison ivy cure"

Rock Island State Park, specifically the Caney Fork River Gorge, is one of the most otherworldly places to visit in Tennessee. The water is a green-blue that you usually see coming out of natural springs and the rock formations are both impressive and strange.

Ben walking down the steps to the gorge

Waterfall on the way down

Surface of the rock in the gorge

Twin falls

The powerhouse

All the pictures from Cave Mountain
All the pictures from Greeter Falls and Rock Island

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