Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16,2011 - A Cartographer am I

On Tuesday we dropped of That Girl One for play practice in Hartselle and set out with the boys and our cameras to find things in the downtown area. As I have been doing for a few weeks now, I logged our mileage with the Google Tracks app on my phone. This has been great for monitoring our fitness goal progress but I also wanted to play around with the “My Places” feature of Google Maps and somehow work it into the pictures we were taking. I could have turned on the geotagging feature on my phone’s camera, but I opted to use my more versatile dedicated camera and manually geo-locate the images on the map.

Here’s the resulting Back-Alley Tour Guide of Downtown Hartselle. I didn’t intend this to be a “walk this path, see these things” literal tour guide, but more of a reference of the path we took and to add some sense of the footprint of the area we wandered through.

I think there’s some potential here. I plan to fiddle with this idea a little more in the future.

Here’s the gallery of the pictures, with bonus Chan’Thulu pic at the end.

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