Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 15, 2011 - Green Mountain

This past Saturday was family hike day. The location was a trail in Huntsville, on Green Mountain. I've seen this trail called the "Old Scout Trail" the "Logging Road Trail" or just "The Trail That Meets Up with the Powerline Trail". Rather than try and give directions or describe the route I'll just post a link to the tracklog of our hike here.  

I can't really complain much about 6.5 miles round trip, as far as progress. The trail was a little weedy in a few spots and fallen trees from this past year's storms cross the path but the gnats were few and far between, the temps mild in the shade (except under the powerlines) and everybody was in a good mood.

I had been hoping for the fall colors I saw the last time I was here, back in 2009, but we just aren't far enough into the season this time around. Here are pics from that short hike I took all alone. We did manage to find some oranges and yellows here and there...

Ben found great joy in hurling these at my head when I wasn't looking.

...but just not in the leaves, except near the tops of the trees.

Last update it was Jake that wasn't in the pictures, this time around it's Ben. Jake and Chan were busy recording video for their various projects and even helped me find a geocache that belongs to a themed series that we've all thought are really cool. I'd say more, and if you really want to you could figure it out from the tracklog, but trust me, this one's worth the surprise. This is the somewhat spoilerish of a pic of them at the cache, but unless you know of the series you probably won't know what they're holding.

Here's E's collection of stuff that she gathered up for her own picture.

Here's the powerline trail that runs down toward Green Cove road. You can't see our house from here, but you can see my workplace and the Tennessee River.

More pics, including the grumpiest little monkey and unknown flowers can be found here.

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