Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 8, 2011 - In the Weeds with Rhythm

I've had this need for a while now, this idea, that I should take my drums out into the pasture behind our house and set them up and just play in the field. It occurred to me that this might make for a decent photo-op. So I did. 

Esther took pics of Ben, Chan and me out in the grassy nothing, banging on drums and doing other things. Jake was invited but arrived as I was taking down the set. He's a busy guy. Things to do. E's pics of the drums in the weeds start here and then show up here and here. This was a learning experience for us both- I had a few ideas as far as what I wanted but neither of us have any real practice photographing musicians or drummers (see what I did there?) I managed to pull out a few shots that I thought were okay.

First he steals my hat, then my drums...

Esther got Chan all gussied up for the shoot.
Pics are keeping time over here.

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