Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 10, 2012 - Bankhead National Forest: Borden Creek

Today we set out with all three kids in tow to hike along Borden Creek in Bankhead. We started at the trail-head off Bunyan Hill Road and took the trail south right along the creek. GPS reception was less than optimal (SOLAR FLARES!!!) but it looks like we got a nice 3.8 mile trip out of it.

There were flowers in full bloom here that we didn't see yesterday and the waterfalls were just as active.

Zephyr was also along for the trip. She was very helpful by alerting us to the presence of every other dog or dog-shaped object along the trail. As we say, she's braver than she is smart.

And hey, butterflies!

The somewhat wonky tracklog of our hike is here and more pictures of flowers are over here.

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