Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9, 2012 - Hurricane Creek and Welti Falls

Yes, another trip to Hurricane Creek Park. This hike was a little over 3.75 miles down into the canyon, up the south ridge, back down, up and out. We were intent on some elevation changes after our walk last weekend that was mostly flat, flat and more flat. I was also trying out my new backpack and had it loaded up with about 20 pounds of water, and a new geocache to place in the park. The other caches in the park focus on the north side with the exception of the Twilight Tunnel cache that is not as far up the south ridge as the trail we took this trip. I even managed to leave a little room even further up the ridge for a potential future cache along the mountain bike trail.

Spring, she is all a-sproing-ed! Plenty of flowers are pushing up through the dead leaves all along the trail and the canyon floor. Spring beauty, buckeye, trout lily, trillium and may apple are easy finds at the moment and you can bet that more are on the way.

As is our luck, we managed to time our hike after some significant rainfall and the waterfalls were nice and full for our trek.

In other news... Esther is not shaped like a cork.

After we left the park we made a few stops to find some of the local geocaches. One was at the end of a trail that lead to yet another waterfall. This was quite a find and just another benefit of caching. I give you, Welti Falls just before sunset:

Here's the tracklog of the hike and the link to all the pictures.

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