Friday, April 6, 2012

April 6, 2012 - Buck's Pocket, Guntersville, Al

Buck's Pocket is an Alabama State Park located in Guntersville. From the website and information on-site:

As local legend goes, Buck's Pocket was where all the defeated public officials went to lick their wounds after an unsuccessful election. Whether or not this is true, this park is certainly the place to get some rest & relaxation.

Three other families and our own joined together on Friday to hang out by the fire, grill some burgers and dogs, walk out to the overlook and then spend the night in our various means of camperage. 

While the adults sat around and talked the kids all huddled together for a game of Munchkin near the playground.

Towards the end of the afternoon we took a few group pictures at the overlook.

The Whole Group!

View off the overlook, into the sun

The more daring group shot

The cliff-climbing women-folk
The food was great and the company of our friends was warm and welcoming. A minimal amount of sword fighting broke out, but nobody was seriously injured. The night was cold in the hollow of the pocket but we were all comfortable in varying degrees of snug.

A few more pictures can be found here.

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