Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 7, 2012 - Cherokee Rock Village

On our way home we made a stop with one of our buddy-families to scamper on the boulders at Cherokee Rock Village, a haven for rock climbers and other folks, like us, that just like to get out and explore the winding caverns, nooks and crannies of the outcropping atop Lookout Mountain.

Weiss Lake from the top of the rock

I would have taken more pictures of our kids or us, but I spent most of the time being generally lost or hauling up our little dog that kept trying to pick a fight with all the other, much larger, dogs that were hanging out in the park. All manner of climbers were on-site with ropes and gear going up and down the rock faces. It was a gorgeous day, but man, the pollen count has been crazy this week and Esther and I both were just kind of unnaturally worn out.

Cherokee Rock Village can be found right here on the map (showing as "Little Rock"). Enjoy this currently free place as long as you can. It appears that there are plans to start charging $5 a person in the near future. While we were there it was apparent that construction work was being done to clean the place up a bit and organize the parking situation. We all hope that some sort of on-site camping is established, but information on the web is sparse. Esther found this one article here.

A few more pictures can be seen here.

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