Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 11, 2012 - Swan Creek Greenway, Athens

Where: Swan Creek Greenway National Recreation Trail

Last weekend’s chances for hikes and walks were put on hold for some house repair- namely adding supports to the living room floor and tearing out rotting wood in the roof and replacing it. I wasn’t able to finish the job on the roof so back up I went on Saturday resulting in a smashed thumb and some minor progress.  I’ve replaced all the 1x6 boards along one side and the 2x4 supporting the ends of those. I still have some re-shingling to do on that side and then I get to tackle the other side. There’s going to be some juggling of the large radio antenna that’s mounted to the roof on that side that I really don’t need to damage because that’s where our internet comes from. This might be an opportunity to take advantage of the just recently available DSL connection on our little piece of The Land That Time Forgot and just have the company that owns the antenna remove it permanently. It’s all going to come down to which is cheaper in regards to home/cell/net bundles.

On Sunday, having reached a stopping point in the roof job and nursing an ouchie thumb, Esther and I left the house intent on putting some trail under our feet and, if possible, seeing something new. We accomplished both by having a 6.8 mile stroll on the Swan Creek Greenway in Athens, AL. Starting at the southern terminus just off highway 72, the well-packed gravel path leads along the Swan Creek for over a mile.

Swan Creek

At this point the trail connects to the walking loop that encircles Athens-Limestone Park and Athens High School and Stadium. A second leg of the greenway splits off from that, crosses a wetlands area and winds its way to the large ball field complex that’s visible from I-65 and links to the walking loop that circumnavigates it.

Bridge crossing the wetlands

Restored covered bridge leading to the ball park

On the grounds of the ball fields we found a small out-of-place cemetery plot dating back to the 1850’s. Half or more of the markers were in poor shape and laying on the ground in pieces, but we’re suckers for this kind of thing and considered it a great find.

Kite stuck in the tree above the cemetery

Gallery of images
Tracklog of our hike

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