Saturday, November 17, 2012

November 17, 2012 - Dogus Prospectus and Sandhill Cranes


City of Decatur Animal Services
Flint Creek Trail
Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center

Some of the folks around here are of the opinion that there's a shortage of scruffy dogs in the house. In the interest of remedying this dire situation we went to the Decatur Pound with the intention to meet a new scruffy dog. 

Turns out they had two. 

These two guys are either brothers or father/son. They might be schnauzer, they might be affenpinscher. They might even have a touch of mop-headed Jack weasel. These guys are great and they won't have any troubles finding a home at all- just not ours. After much sleeping-on-it we decided that there are too many projects around the house that need to be tackled. Getting little dogs in the yard again would mean upgrading our fencing and we need to spend money on the monkeys that live in the house first. 

Also, they had crazy large boy-dog penises. 

Our one boy animal, Kuma, is very discrete about his dog-dingo. It's like Punxsutawney Phil, you only see it once a year, if at all. These two guys were kind of HELLO AND DID YOU KNOW THAT I AM A MAGNIFICENT MALE CREATURE?

After rolling around in the pound dog stink we could think of nothing else to do but grab some yogurt. Decatur has one of those "do all the work to get your food and we'll ring it up for you and charge you like we brought it to your table" yogurt places that are popping up everywhere. I think it's called something like Extrude Your Own or something. I mean, yeah I ate it and I liked it, but I'm not giving them free advertising or anything.

Esther's on the left, mine on the right 
In an effort to walk off the 5,000 calories worth of frozen dairy products we took a little hike on the Flint Creek Trail. The water is down so the shallows are full of muddy bird prints.

While walking on the trail we were surprised by this little dude hopping past us. It couldn't have been over 65° and I was not expecting to see any cold-blooded animals on the trail, but there he was. 

We're probably a week past prime leaf colors for the season, but here and there were a few bright patches.

We then crossed highway 67 and spent a few minutes at the Wheeler Visitor Center and the Wildlife Observation Building were I tried a little digiscoping with my cell phone and the various field scopes and binoculars that are set up inside the building. You're probably thinking that it looks just like I put my phone up to the scope and took a picture. That's pretty much digiscoping at its most basic level, but there are adapters and other equipment available. Everything I've ever read about digiscoping has come from Sharon Stiteler, aka Birdchick, via Twitter or her website.

Sandhill cranes are currently what's going on at the Refuge. 

The sunset coming through the Atkeson Cypress Trail make the tops of the trees look like they were on fire.

Pictures here
Tracklogs here and here

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