Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 Disney Trip Pictures

Yes, we did spend two weeks in Walt Disney World! Yes, it did take me nearly another two weeks to crop, resize and upload pictures!

Instead of spending time dishing out the details and events of each individual day I'm going to start with what most people want to see anyway- the pictures. I'll pick up some posts later about observations and things that we really enjoyed or points of interest that maybe some folks aren't aware of. I don't want to take up the next month talking about just Disney because already I've had two fantastic weekends in the real world that I want to share soon.

9/29/2014 - Animal Kingdom
9/30/2014 - Magic Kingdom, EPCOT 
10/2/2014 - EPCOT
10/3/2014 - Blizzard Beach
10/6/2014 - EPCOT

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