Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10-26-2014 - I Don't Think I've Ever Actually Had A Turkey Leg

This past weekend we drove over to Florence for another year's Renaissance Faire. The last trip was in 2012 and I blogged about it here so I'll try not to repeat myself.

This year was much warmer by about 40 degrees over 2012 and that was much kinder to the belly dancers.

Nobody believes me, but I was more interested in the drummers and their darbukas. Or doumbeks. Depends on who you ask.

Every year we come for the Bud's Homemade Rootbeer. Looks like the $3 bottle of root beer that Esther had two years go is the $5 bottle this year. Some of the larger bottles are now $2 to refill. DAMN YOU OBAMA!

This cephalopod inspired work is the stoneware craft of Stacy Morgan at the S.P. Morgan Studio and really needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate. If you look at her gallery you'll see that she has an eye for tentacled motifs and a touch of the macabre and has created some of the most detailed "pottery" I've ever seen.

Esther stopped to pick up a hand-drawn map of the world of Avatar from this tent. He had many maps of different popular fantasy locales from Hyrule to Tamriel as well as classics like Middle-earth. He does work by commission and is working on a queue of different worlds that he's yet to map. When I get a chance I'm going to send him some scans of the Sword Coast and Icewind Dale. He can be reached at if you're needing to find your way around ancient Scotland or Neverland (or Skyrim, Hundred Acre Woods, The 9 Circles of Hell, Westeros...)

This is the very enthusiastic and all around friendly guy, Stan Bruns with some of his art that was for sale. Stan is an illustrator by trade and has taught graphic illustration in Chattanooga and been a guest at Dragoncon in Atlanta, among other things.

We took a quick stroll down the "bridge to nowhere" or Old Railroad Bridge (oldest river bridge in the state!) above the waters of the Tennessee River; this time minus one Benny but with a girl on loan from another family.

All the other pictures from the day are right here.

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