Monday, February 9, 2015

Disney Design Elements: Typhoon Lagoon

Disclaimer: the following post contains no pictures of my happy family having fun. It's all about the stuff and the things.

The very first view you get of Typhoon Lagoon, framed by trees, presented like a piece of art

Interior from the partially submerged vessel that serves as a portal-view into Shark Reef

Note the dials are up-side-down

...because the entire ship is belly-up.

Stuff on a Wall

Stuff on a Wall Part 2

Final installment in Stuff on a Wall Trilogy
Frontage of the Shark Reef

Backside of the surfboard rental shack

1.Take camera to water park. 2.Get water drops on lens. 3.YOLO

Miss Tilly, the centerpiece of Typhoon Lagoon's landscape

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