Sunday, March 8, 2015

JSU Frog Pond with "Dr. Frog" George Cline

Last night we spent an evening at the Jacksonville State University Frog Pond, just outside Jacksonville, Alabama. Our host, Dr. George Cline, waded out into the slime and muck of the pond to bring those of us not equipped for slogging through the water closer to various insect and aquatic amphibian life.

Dr. Cline netting some creatures

Salamander in hand

We didn't have any problems finding red spotted newts, fairy shrimp and various water bugs, but the frogs remained illusive and were only heard and not seen the whole night. 

The egg mass below had unhatched salamander eggs that were just starting to develop their little tiny spines.

Adult red spotted newt

Newt out of the bag

Fairy shrimp and a larval newt

Another, more developed egg mass
The salamanders in this egg mass were starting to look less like chia seeds and more like a face-hugging alien.

All the pictures here.

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