Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 23, 2011 - Unfamiliar Drink Product of the Week! (UDPoW)

Today's Unfamiliar Drink Product of the Week is a double-shot (see what I did there?) of liquid beverage greatness! I'm back from another journey into Far East Market and I have things in bottles and cans.

First up: the aptly-named "Aloe" from Paldo. Next to the Paldo brand it says "since 1984". When did we lower our standard for "since year X" labels? I remember 1984. Compare this to Barq's Root Beer "since 1898" foe example. But I digress...

Chan was very excited about the Aloe drink. She really liked the Aloe Vera King that returned with me on a previous venture. Her level of appreciation is evident by the fact she let me photograph her with a towel on her head.
Chan contemplates the non-solid awesome of Aloe.
The major difference between Aloe and Aloe Vera King is the color green. This is more like the Green Lantern and the other is more like... an Orange Lantern. Yes. In most other ways it is the same- taste, strange slime globules of squish, the way it slides down your throat like slugs on a wet leaf, etc.

Overall Rating- thumbs up!

Mickey sprung to life and tried to get some Aloe!

Next: Yeo's White Gourd Drink.

Your first question should be, "white gourd, what the heck is that?" And my answer would be a direct quote of me reading the Wikipedia article on winter melon. It's also called ash gourd or fuzzy melon. Take a few moments to giggle at fuzzy melon then keep reading below.

Nước Bí đao, indeed.
There's only one way to describe the taste- cool liquid gingerbread. Yes, gingerbread that's light on the ginger. Almost like a snicker-doodle cookie. At first, Esther was very much taken with the flavor...

Check out my can!
...but later on she complained of feeling unnaturally full and burpy. I think her exact words were "get this devil juice away from me and my children, you bad, bad man." Ben said it made him feel like he had eaten too much celery or cucumbers at one time.

Overall Rating: at the end of the day, thumbs down.  :(

More exciting product images as well as the ingredients of these two drinks can be found RIGHT HERE!

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