Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 25, 2011 - Unfamiliar Drink Product of the Day (X-Mas Edition)

Merry Christmas!

Today's beverage adventure centers on the mysterious magic of Carabao Energy Drink. My extensive interweb research into the word "carabao" tells me that it's a subspecies of water buffalo. If in the USA "Red Bull gives you wings" then I guess in Thailand "Carabao gives you bad-ass martial arts skills" or something. The buffalo skull on the can has a little red bird on it, so maybe they are trying to evoke "gives you wings" thing without being to obvious. Although, looking at the sugar content it might be "Carabao- gives you diabetes!"

Buffalo wings... gives you wings... get it?
Jake some random stranger I found lurking about our house was nice enough to try the stubby little can of Thai energy.
Jake some stranger barely able to contain the energy in one hand.
Although later I would question the wisdom of giving what amounted to a Matrix-style Kung-Fu download to some random person that had wandered into the house, it was his awesome mustache that would ease my fears and ultimately give me reason to trust him. Any man willing to spend that much time and focus on growing such a remarkable lip ferret would no doubt possess the discipline to control the forces of raw physical power that were surely contained within the aluminum can. Standing back a bit, I watched him imbibe the mystical potion. 

Alas, my camera was ill-equipped to capture on film the super-sonic blur of motion as Jake the stylish stranger ran from the house to defeat the forces of evil across the county. As he sped away on foot I could just barely make out the words, the sound of which was distorted by the Doppler effect...

"Tastes cherry-licious."

A poll of the other castle-dwellers in regard to the actual flavor of Carabao Energy Drink resulted thusly:

"Melted lolly pop."
"Sugarly. Like if you drank the can and never brushed your teeth, your teeth would all fall out."
And a silent "thumbs up" from Esther, as she was talking on the phone at the time. I think her response pretty much summed it up.

Sadly, Jake was not to be found and I was unable to gather his impression of the mystic buffalo juice.

Other pictures, including the color of the drink (similar to buffalo pee!) can be found RIGHT HERE.

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