Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31, 2011 - Post-Gig Asian Energy Drinks

My gig on the 30th was the last for the band I've been drumming with for about the last year or so, "Southbound Junkies" and, reportedly, the last for that band ever. It was a long night and when I was finally dragged out of bed on this, the last day of the year I needed a little boost in the form of some of the energy drinks that followed us home from the Far East Market (that I've talked about more than once now).

These two drinks represent the two schools of thought in Eastern energy drink philosophy- overly sweet liquid lolly-pop and strange fizzy malted dark mystery beverage. "M-150" has the first category covered and the second is exemplified by "Hyper Malt".

First up, Hyper Malt. This bottle would prove difficult to open...

Whatta you mean, no twist-off cap?!?!

Not effective.

Then this happened.

I'm suspicious and not very optimistic.

Not good. Not horrible, but not good.

Esther does not want.
Final verdict: thumbs down. Not as bad as some of the stuff we've brought home (see: white gourd drink) but just not very enjoyable either.

Moving on: M-150...


...brain crinklingly sweet...


Esther was not as enthused.
Final verdict: thumbs up with reservations. It's just too darn sweet to drink more than once a week. Daily consumption would turn you into a walking vat of hummingbird nectar.

But did they wake me up? Well, I was a little perky afterwards.

Other scary pictures of us drinking dragon juice can be found here.

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