Saturday, October 27, 2012

October 27, 2012 - Alabama Renaissance Faire

Every year in October Florence hosts the Alabama Renaissance Faire at Wilson Park. We usually try to make an appearance and hey, it's free. Finding a parking spot is half the adventure.

Esther finally gets her comeuppance

43° and a kilt, better you than me, brother

Some of the more questionable characters at the Faire
There was a group of "live blade" performers (demonstrators? duelists?) that took turns sparing in twos and threes with pointy metal objects of different styles and forms. I'll be darned if I can remember their name or find any information on them.

The root beer and cream soda vendor is a favorite for us. You pay from $3 - $15 for your first glass bottle (or jug) and then your refills are significantly less for the whole day. The glass Esther is chugging below was a $3 size and $1 refill every other time. The stuff is homemade and extremely yummy.

Again, near-freezing temps and kilts
After consuming a couple of baskets of ribbon fries, Chan was brave enough get a slice of chocolate-covered cheese cake and then nice enough to share with the rest of us. My arteries clogged and my taste buds exploded. 

Gallery of pictures

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