Saturday, May 14, 2011

Burchfield Branch Park – Saturday

The hiking and tent-camping last month was fun, but Esther organized a larger group camp for our and a handful of other families at Burchfield Branch, which is either on Holt Lake or Bankhead Lake depending what map you look at.

For the Group camp, our beloved “Poppy” was prepped days in advance and hauled behind the van. Esther is very fond of Poppy. It makes her happy in ways that only chocolate and fuzzy kittens can.

We were the first on the scene, a loop of sites at the end of a wooded paved road. Burchfield has done a fantastic job of keeping the camper sites well secluded in the canopy and tucked into the trees. The road winds slightly between to extremely steep hillsides (cliffs at the upper reaches) and is perpetually in shade and diffused lighting. The bridges are built the way that I'd build bridges and lit in a way that appeals to the video game level designer in me (more on that later).

While we waited for the second and third family to arrive Ben was given his bi-annual shearing.

The day was mostly spent lounging... Okay, I took an hour nap. Most of my day was spent lounging. (I didn't get much real sleep the night before, see previous post.) Esther will no doubt publish the picture she took of me tucked under a blanket in the camping chair with my hat pulled over my eyes. When I awoke, as if my magic, our other arrivals were setting up their tents and camper.

Hot dogs were roasted after dark with by the MAN fire. A fire. Built by MEN.

A few other pics from the day can be found here.

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