Friday, May 27, 2011

People Blog About Me- I'm Cool Like That

My wonderful, smart, sexy and downright sassy wife posted in her blog about the great chainsawing event of last weekend. I was sore for days. The day started off all "MWA HAHA I will cut you to pieces tree limb! Mine is an evil laugh!!!" and ended up all "I think I broke something important in my body place."

Also, my co-worker, the also-but-not-as-much-as-my-wife smart and sassy, Nat made a brief mention of me in her blog post during an exciting tour of her cubicle. I was on the edge of my chair. Then I fell off. It hurt. It's okay, I'm better now.

There should be some blogification happening this week after I return from a trip to the Adventure Science Center in Nashville. Why would I be going there? To visit the GPS Adventures exhibit of course! Not only is it a cool indoor maze (fun for the whole family!) but it is a Geocaching Event sponsored by Groundspeak, the people that make possible (with a little help from the gabillion people world-wide that hide and seek geocaches, of course.)

I'm taking all three kids with me... brief pause... without the supervision of my uber-hot, brilliant, loving wife of fourteen years! Yes, I know, a married man let loose in the wild with no wife to guide him and keep him from tripping over random objects on the ground or spending our life savings on Transformer toys, video games and new shoes, it's a bit much to take in. Will I remember to feed them and change their diapers? How will I tell if they require fresh bedding and kibble? Just how many holes should I punch into their crates to insure they receive enough oxygen? How will I know their leashes and collars are properly fitted so that I can maintain both control and comfort?

Worry, not dear readers. I'm quite certain that there is an app for that. Technology saves the day!

No pictures today. Check back later!

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