Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29, 2011 - Cooking With Fire

We hardly ever grill. We just don't eat that much meat anyway and most of that isn't the of the "throw is on the grill" variety. No steaks, no pork chops, no chicken slathered in juicy herbs and honey-based goo. We're more of the ground-turkey-for-taco-salad and deli-sliced chicken and turkey folks. Sure, I'll eat red meat or chicken off the bone if it's offered, but around the house, not so much. But hey, it's Memorial Day weekend and well, everybody else is doing it. So we warmed up some chicken franks and turkey sausage on the tiny grill and, for karmic balance, some Boca burgers too.

There was a piece on NPR just this past week about grilling burgers and they talked about cooking an egg inside a green bell pepper. I knew I had to try this when I heard about it. Quite good. The thing is to not be concerned with the blackening of the bottom of the pepper- it's only the outer-most part of the skin that gets burned. The egg was cooked all the way through and the smokey flavor of the grill works it's way into the mix. 

Here's the egg-pepper and some onions that we were pre-cooking for the pizza.

The pizza was Esther's idea. The first one was a little burnt-ish on the bottom but the second one was much less so. Instead of pepperoni she used slicked turkey sausage which really worked well with the smoke and the grillyness of the whole thing. 

Couple more pictures can be found here, including Esther in her pointy hat and Kuma playing dead.

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