Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th Gig at Hard Dock Cafe

I was called late April to play a gig with three other guys that I've played with before due to another drummer's political incompatibility issues. There would be a fourth guy, that I've never met and he would be unable to attend any practices. No problem, we'd just do all the practicing with the four of us we could and make it work at the gig.

Then the storms at the end of April and most of us were without power or were either working overtime (to get power back up) or not working at all. So there would be less time to go over the songs before the show.

No problem. Three night should do it. Most the songs I'd played before. Then the singer caught mono. Three night turned into two nights. The three of us still healthy and able to attend spent the first night running through the new stuff and re-hashing some of the old stuff while the bass player made frantic calls to ex-girl friends of singers and sent friend invitations on various social networking sites to try and land a replacement. A possible candidate called back, a female vocalist, but there was a scheduling conflict. We adjourned with no definitive solution.

Sometime before night #2 a singer had been contacted but he would not be able to play through any of the songs before the show. 


And that's how my Friday the 13th gig started. I met the other guitarist and singer about two hours before the first song. Some renditions were honestly brilliant other had rough spots but we made it through and mostly stopped and started at the same time. I know the mistakes that I made and I've forgotten the ones the other guys might have made, but overall, it was a good night of playing music to a very responsive crowd- which is all anybody can ever ask for.

A couple of other pics available here.

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  1. Man,post gigs BEFORE they happen and I will come see you play!