Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2, 2010 - Wheeler Refuge Cotton Hike

Today was another hike through the flat, gravel roads of Wheeler Refuge. Several different flowers were in bloom to replace others that are out of season. Or... I've forgotten the flowers that I saw last time and I just keep taking the same picture of the same bud, thinking "I've never seen this strange new plant before!" with the same level of enthusiasm as I did the time before.

Horse nettle, according to the wife


Unidentified Caterpillar 
The long straight march under the interstate still has that same "we should only be walking here in a post-apocalyptic world" vibe to it. Every time we make this leg of the trail I find myself worrying about how little we have to eat and wondering how long it will last us and how will we cross the river... and do they have Nuka-Cola and shotgun shells in the next settlement.

Fishing boat on right, sailboat on left

The nearby cotton fields were full of both blooms and bolls. I don't think I've ever taken the time to stop and really appreciate the beauty of the cotton flower. It's nothing too garish or rich in pinky-purple brilliance. It's a fairly simple, if somewhat large-ish bloom but a thing to behold all the same.

Tracklog of the hike here.
All the pictures from the hike here.

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