Friday, September 21, 2012

September 21, 2012 - Where's My Luggage?

Today starts out with me waking up in a hotel on the backside of Detroit, courtesy of Delta Airlines. The previous day had been one plane delay after another; first for bad weather that did not exist, later for parts that would not arrive and lastly for pilots that did not want to spend the night in Alabama. Word amongst our fellow castaways was that there was some mini-protest thing with the pilots for American or United and in a show of solidarity, their brothers at the other airlines were taking similar actions.

Whatever the reasons, at 7PM in Detroit I was riding in the back of the shuttle (a retrofitted van) bumping along in the dark with four similar pieces of paper: two $6 food vouchers, a hotel room voucher and a "seating request" for a flight in the morning to get me back home. Fortunately the pizza place down the road accepted the vouchers and after combining some of mine with my travel partner's (and $1.70 in change) we were able to feast on pizza, wings and crazy bread. There was a $50 taxi ride to Walmart for supplies too, but the best part was waking up the next morning and putting the whole thing behind me.

After a quick stop at the house to unload my suitcase and re-load my backpack we left out for a night of camping at Cane Creek Canyon. It was our camping trip at this same location in April of 2011 that started this blog. The property owners, the Lacefields, had asked us to keep an eye on things and greet the campers and hikers that arrived Friday night and Saturday morning through the afternoon. Considering that everything the canyon has to offer is completely free, we were more than happy to give back and help them out in any way possible. 

We arrived a few hours before sunset and had plenty of time to make a short hike to the first waterfall and the overlook.

As a half-moon night covered us in darkness we cooked turkey franks and s'mores over the fire.

After our meal we retired to the tents. Well most of us... Jake opted for the hammock and slept in the open, completely unprotected from werewolves, rabid raccoons, and any number of other dangers.

Yes, sunglasses and a toboggan
Esther and I wandered around in the dark for a bit before snuggling up in our tent. She picked up these satin sheets called the "Dreamie" (from the maker of the Snuggie) because she's read about how well they keep you warm without the bulk of a sleeping bag. We had both our mummy bags and the Dreamie and I was plenty warm sleep under just the Dreamie all night with the temps dropping to the low 50's. Silly name, but they work.

Consider where I started the day and were I ended it, I much preferred the later over the former. 

All the pictures from the day are right here.

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