Monday, September 24, 2012

September 22, 2012 - First day of Autumn, Cane Creek Canyon

Few other places would I prefer to spend the first day of Autumn than in Cane Creek Canyon. We slept more or less okay; the sound of acorns crashing through the trees, my stuffy-nose snoring, the bright flicker of the fire and the bright half-moon took turns waking one or more of us through the night. For me, at least, it was an improvement over the previous night's rest.

With everybody up, we dined on grits and trail mix before relocating near the Lacefield's house for a bit to welcome any early morning hikers.

Welcome bear welcomes you

Ben and I took a turn trail-sitting while Esther and Chan drove Jake over to a nearby friend's house to stay for a few days. I directed a few unknowing first-timers with small children to their imminent doom, but otherwise it was a uneventful and relaxing.

The girls returned sans one Jake and took a spell guarding the gates to the canyon while Ben and I went for a hike and I hunted out one of the many geocaches on the property that I haven't yet found.

Red-vested monkey

Funnel web spider

Upon our return we found Esther had taken up a new hobby- kite spinning. I think the long underwear under the dress is optional, but I've been wrong before.

After awhile more hikers appeared, some on their first visit others walking familiar trails. We directed them to the maps and pointed out some of the best spots, showed them where on the map they could find water if they didn't bring enough of their own and answered questions about Lacefield's cats.

Sometime around 5:30 we packed up our bags and (with the help of a frog or two) rolled up the tents and headed for home.

All the pictures are here.
The tracklog of my hike with Ben is here.

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