Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5th, 2011 - Paint

Esther and I headed into Cullman with That Girl One to get some paint to start/finish a couple of projects around the house. We were briefly distracted by a trip to Hobby Lobby.

This picture says everything I believe about US politics.

Esther found something that she felt a particular attachment to as well.

From there we moved on to Lowe's and the Aisle of Endless Colors that I love so much. I could be all angsty and negative and say that the paint aisle for me is a perfect illustration of the culture of excess we live in, but I won't. Choice is good. Esther chose "Blue Phlox" for the new house paint. 

Here we see Esther pondering the subtle differences between BLUE#26445 and BLUE#26446.

We stopped at a couple of furniture stores to see what the current thinking is in bat-shit crazy prices for sofa and loveseat combinations. Let's see... new sofa and loveseat or a bionic arm that shoots a grappling hook? New sofa and loveseat or enough gasoline to power the Death Star? Tough choices.

The second floor of a furniture store in downtown Cullman that I remember from my youth. Haven't been here in about 20+ years. Not much has changed.

A short while later we had all the trained monkeys busily toiling away with Blue Phlox covered brushes.

I'd like to add that Phlox is one of the few flowers that I can, most days, identify on sight.

A few other random pictures from the day can be viewed here.

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