Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7th, 2011 - Nashville: All the Other Stuff

One other stop we made while in Nashville was at the most awesomest of toy stores, Phillips Toy Mart, off Harding Road. This place is every but as incredible as I remember and then some.

Here's Esther in a rare moment of PINK-SPLOSION!

Chan skipping through the Playmobil isle (yes, they had the same set we saw at the museum earlier in the day.)

Speaking of Playmobil, here's the super cool display above the front door.

Ben checking out the bendy guys while Jake scrounges up a new set of dice from the random dice bowl.

Then there are the pictures from random moments or when we were in transit.

Pill bugs off the Natchez Trace.
The Everybody else but me in the car before we got to Nashville.

These and a few others can be viewed by clicking here.

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