Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7th, 2011 - Nashville: Fannie Mae Dees Park

But first, a bee! There used to be a geocache right under where this bee is.

Fannie Mae Dees Park, also known as the "Dragon Park" is located in the West End section of Nashville, not far from Vanderbilt University. It's prominent feature is the enormous sea-serpent-like dragon covered in chipped and cut tile in a multitude of designs and images. Depending on how you count your dragons, there's actually more than one- the large wyrm that stretches the length of the "pool" and one or two other smaller beasts.

This was a favorite of ours when we lived here. Honestly, the dragon has looked better. The blue that predominates the scales has faded somewhat and there's a large section missing on the right side of the main dragon's head. It's a little sad. I don't know if it's the result of neglect or outright abuse but I hate to see the big guy in such sad shape. Still, most of the features are present and even a new-comer would be able to appreciate the work that wnet into creating and then maintaining the mythical creature.

I'll link to the gallery of all the images, but here are a few of the details on the dragon:

On especially hot days, there's nothing better than a spray from the cooling nose mist of the yellow dragon!

The park also contains an impressive playground area that is getting a little small for my kids. Maybe. Some day.

And finally, the happy couple.

The link for all the other pictures of the dragon is right over... here.

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