Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7th, 2011 - More of Nashville

Historic Union Station as we drove into Nashville.

I'm blogging out of order, but we actually started our day with a quick run through the Nashville Library. (Parked in their garage, $2.50 for about four hours, after validation inside. Just one of the perks of having lived here and knowing a trick or two.) The Nashville Public Library system is what all library networks in the South should aspire to. I love this building, the efficiency and effectiveness of the workers, the shear amount of books and resource material available. 

Just outside the entrance to the children's theater: big giant head.

Home of Buttercup, the mouse in the children's section.

View from the window, again just outside the theater.

Pictures just outside the Tennessee State Museum and the War Memorial Auditorium.

View looking down Deaderick Street, with the statue behind me.

War Memorial to the left, Tennessee State Capitol Building to the right.

Turning a near 180 degrees, looking down Capitol Boulevard towards the Nashville Library.

Snapping turtle detail on the doors to the library.

The kids standing at the marble stack of books outside the library.

Top of the Customs House and, across the street the Hume-Fog High School.

Now, take a look above the glass of the entrance to Hume-Fog High School. See the supports under the ledge of the second-story row of windows? This is just one of the little dudes that hangs out under there:

Next we drove over to the Parthenon. We did not pay the $24 for the whole family to get into the interior of the Parthenon to see Athena (this trip; we have seen her in the past) but we did walk around the park a little and take pictures outside the building.

Chan taking a snooze in the multi-directional park bench.

Lion detail on the doors to the Parthenon.

Griffin on the upper corners of the building with lion spout below.

The kids walking along the outside between the columns and the outer wall. (Is that a satyr running off in the background? I think so.)

All the pictures from downtown Nashville, the Library, and the Parthenon can be viewed here.

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