Friday, October 12, 2012

October 12, 2012 - Jennette's Pier, Century of Flight, Bodie Island

The Wheres:

Jennette's Pier
Monument to a Century of Flight
Bodie Island Lighthouse

There was little enthusiasm from the other male members of the castle today. We packed up That Girl One and drove around a bit and stopped at places that we had driven past earlier in the week but hadn't taken the time to investigate. First up, the refurbished Jennette's Pier in Nag's Head.

The pier was covered over with all manner of fisherpersons ranging from octogenarian Jewish grandmothers to unemployed post-gen-x local boys. The variety of humans was only outdone by the selections of bait- shrimp (fresh and boiled), chicken guts, beef liver, sardines (canned and fresh), and the red smear of viscera that was left behind by the last guy that cleaned his catch on the pier before you.

The most successful creatures on the pier were the crows.  

The festive trash can
A little ways down the road, at the Aycock Brown Welcome Center in Kitty Hawk, is the Monument to a Century of Flight. Ten pylons represent ten decades of the wonders of manned flight- from the Wright brothers to Skylab and beyond. It was very Stonehenge-meets-fabrication shop. 

On the way back south to the beach house we stopped at the Bodie Island Lighthouse that is currently under renovations and enveloped in scaffolding.

Just off from the parking lot is a boardwalk that juts out into the salt flats.

A very hard to see Blue crab - about 8" across

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