Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 7, 2012 - Raleigh, NC and Arriving at OBX

The Wheres:

Graffiti near and shwarma from Neomonde on Beryl Road
Rest Area near Plymouth, NC
Oh Hatteras beach house

We kicked off the day with a visit to the capitol building in Raleigh and a short walk down the Bicentennial Mall.

As recommend to me by some local geocachers via Twitter, we stopped for food at Neomonde and picked up two kinds of shwarma, pita, hummus, baba ghanoush, and tabbouleh. On the way out we spotted what has to be some of the coolest graffiti I've ever seen. 

As we passed through Plymouth, NC we stopped at a rest area and enjoyed the greek food.

Shwarma- Jake approved

Chan and her chicken shwarma

My partially eaten lamb shwarma- yes I just posted a food pic


A little further down the road we got out to stretch our legs at the Tyrrell County Visitor's Center. Luckily for us they've built an extensive board walk that runs through the wetlands area.

Groundsel Tree (female)

...and here we are crossing the Virginia Dare bridge near Nags Head, NC.

A few more bridges later and we were at the rental house where we would be sleeping and eating for the next week. We unpacked and almost immediately headed for the beach.

Indian Blanket Flower

View of the dunes from the beach house

Possibly Willets, maybe sandpipers
The beach was home to many a small crab. Camouflaged juvenile ghost crabs are out during the day but their older brothers take over the beach at night. All along the beach you can find holes of varying sizes that the crabs take refuge in. 

Ghost Crab
Tree frogs are pretty common too, more so at night.

Gallery of pictures
Tracklog of our hike

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