Friday, October 19, 2012

October 19, 2012 - Andersonville

In the Fall of 1994 I was fortunate enough to be hired on as part of a core group of 200+ extras for the filming of the TNT mini-series Andersonville about the Confederate prisoner of war camp by the same name. Here are some screenshots in which you can see me on the set dressed as a Union prisoner:

Yours truly in the light shirt and dark hat right behind the actor's shoulder

Me on the far left with my arms around my knees
On a different day of filming I was a Confederate soldier marching prisoners (myself included) into the prison.

Me, way in the back above Frederic Forrest's wrist

Left side, in back again with my head turned to the right
I mention this because as we were driving home from our weeks at the beach we passed very near to the actual location of Camp Sumter, aka the Adersonville Prison.

Recreation of a portion of the stockade

The "deadline" an interior prison boundary

Monument to the soldiers from Wisconsin

One of the many old tunnel sites

Entrance to the Andersonville National Cemetery

The deaths in Andersonville reached of peak of around one hundred men a day. At this point the bodies were put to the earth in long trenches, shoulder to shoulder to conserve space in the cemetery. 12,913 died due to starvation, disease, abuse and executions in Andersonville.

Gallery of pictures

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