Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9, 2012 - North Pond and more Beach

The Wheres:

Beach in Pamlico Sound near Salvo, NC
Oh Hatteras beach house

Esther and I left the house unchaperoned and unattended (scandal!) to take a short walk at the North Pond trail at Pea Island to look for birds or any other wildlife that wasn't on two legs and. We found a nice stroll through a tunnel of salt-pruned live oak, several herons and egrets and a pool full of different kids of turtles.

After walking down the trail we took a peak on the ocean side of the dunes nearby and watched fishermen in the distance through the sea spray and the mist.

After seeing several kite sails in the distance we pulled off down what is either a closed campground area or seasonal camping area and watched the kites and the wind surfers off the sound side of the island. I was trying really hard to feel sorry for myself that I had never down any of these things and that I was approaching my ancient years when we both noticed that the majority of the surfers had salt-and-pepper hair and appeared to be at least 10 years older than me. 

Shortly we returned to the house in time to watch one of our house-mates building a giant foot in the sand.

Gallery of pictures
Tracklog of our hike

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