Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 13, 2012 - Around the Beach House and More Pea Island

The Wheres:

Oh Hatteras beach house
Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge

Our time on the island is growing short. Today was more about letting everybody hang out and enjoy the beach and veg out around the house than anything else. I took the fold-up camping shovel down to the beach and dug a hole to bury Ben in- totally his desire.

Esther made several brave attempts with the turtle kite- a kite that was originally to be the official mascot of the trip but turned out to not be made for the winds of the shoreline.

This was a partially worn and broken lobster bell that was in the house when we arrived. I told the kids that ringing the bell would summon the lobster god from the depths to surely kill us all. I knew from the first time that I saw it that I wanted to steal it and take it home. I did not steal it, but I fully recognize that I wanted to.

Here Chan is borrowing my laptop and make-shift work space that I claimed for myself. She's on the bottom most level of the inner house, the kitchen is above her and there are two bedrooms behind me and a full bath two steps up and to my right. There are at least three more levels above that to the living room, third bedroom and loft. You just go up and you keep on going.

This is one of the little spaces that aren't really a room and aren't really the loft and aren't of much use to a full-grown adult. Chan would sit in this nook and read from time to time.

Esther and I got a little stir-crazy so we took a short walk at the far end of the North Pond at the Pea Island Wildlife Refuge. We were actually on the same trail as we were a few days before but just at the other end of it. We ran into actual wildlife! This dude popped up from the side of the trail as I watched but then froze when he saw me. We looked and saw several turtle trails leading from one pond, across the path and back into the other pond. Maybe somewhere somebody had just rung a turtle bell...

Snapping turtle

My best guess is that this is Goldenrod that's just not golden


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